The Chronicles of Mystvannar

Episode 6 - Bye Bye Assassin Guy

Episode 6 – Bye Bye Assassin Guy

Saith makes his way through the forest with a lot more ease than the group the days before. He finds them just as they are waking up and assists them in making the make-shift bridge larger. After a little difficulty they get (most) of the expensive lumber across. Find their way back to the train and head off to the location. On the second to last trip things get interesting. Healer and Rook talk Saith into casting a spell on the stone, and just like before it goes wrong. They shrink to half their size instead of the No Longer Tobin Stone reducing. After than little game they head back to the site of the wood, hoping they’ll grow back to their normal size.

In the middle of the night the dice finally turn against the way WAY too lucky group. A small starving man and a huge lumbering near invisible beast come to them in the night. He’s hungry but the group is only serving up Initiative. Things are tense with more than half the group now under three foot tall. Then things get worse when Rook fights face to face with the creature, and gets taken much like the hungry man did. He passes out and the monster takes off into the night. The group only giving up long into the night when the chase is hopeless.

The episode ends with Rook finding his way to the tracks, finding a heap of kiffles that Tobin left for him.



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