The Chronicles of Mystvannar

Episode 5 - Of Wood and Gem

Episode 5 – Of Wood and Gem

On their way through the forest to find Ellinium trees Saith and Fang stay behind. Tobin and Healer take turns leading through crew towards (mostly) the thickest part of the forest. They come across some more strange sites. A weird stick creature who pulls leaves from the trees. The other thing is the Tobin Stone. A purple rock that sat in the center of burned clear area of the forest. Our heroes decide it’s a good idea to cast spells into the stone and seemingly almost kill themselves doing it.

From the stone they finally find the thing they are looking for, Ellinium. Chopping it down proves more difficult than expected as weird “bird bugs” come pouring out and attacks them. They kill the swarms of weird creatures, and then finish chopping down the expensive tree.



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