The Chronicles of Mystvannar

Episode 4 - Money for Nothing

Episode 4 – Money for Nothing

They get back to Avinar and find a huge crowd waiting for them. The board above the tunnel light up with the symbol of the long “dead” Crow. After a tense few moments one of Fin’s old friend’s Fang comes up to break up the Yardmaster who seems intent on getting the train. Fang and Fin don’t seem like people who would be the best friends that Fang claims they were

Captain was not happy about the train being practically empty. It seems she put a lot of money into ensuring that the rights to the Crow go to her and nobody else. So the crew has to decide how to make money. Rook wandering around trying to find a way to easy “Duty Board” (hehehe doody). Eventually they decide on getting some wood and trading it for sheep, or coins. Traveling back out to the wilderness the first night they are jumped by some creepy looking cat like creatures. Healer almost getting killed when one comes out of nowhere and tackles her.



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