The Chronicles of Mystvannar

Episode 3 - Enter the Dragon

Episode 3 – Enter the Dragon

This is a dramatic run out from the city through the long plain that surrounds Avinar. With Tobin screaming giddily the entire time. The Stoleaways have a clever system of holding onto the side of the train, releasing themselves when a turn slows the train down. The walk to the Crow’s Grave might have been boring if not for the monsters, large lurking somethings in the trees. They avoid them, find the back hatch entrance to the caved in tunnel. Down inside it’s dark and dead silent. The group wanders and finds the train. Beautiful in an art deco style the engine in the shape of a crow.

Outside perhaps standing guard, is a golem of some kind. The heroes attack him, tear him apart and find a weird magical cylinder inside. Which Healer identifies as Avvinite in origin. After that they explore the train which is not as dirty as it should be. When they get to the cargo hold they find something horrible. They are all empty except for one lone container.

Healer and Saith explore the dark tunnels and find the graves of the passengers and crew. They are all laid out in a cordoned off area, like a cemetery. And there doesn’t seem to be much evidence of any violent deaths.

Back at the Aeon Crow Old Cane gets the engine running, and everyone meets back. They run the train down the silent tunnel till they get to the end. Where the “dragon’s” face is. They discover the creature is hollow, paper thin really, and just run the train out into the open sky.



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