The Chronicles of Mystvannar

Episode 2 - Whimpering Warning

Episode 2 – Whimpering Warning

We finally see Anyanka in action instead of the odd mundane tasks she was doing last episode. She is met in the Sunnydale Library by the head of the library and a priest (It’s not the beginning of a joke). It’s obvious he’s not a good priest by how he glowers at everything. And the eery fake smile he puts on his face. He’s asking about some books and Hush the Head Librarian seems glad to get rid of him, even if it’s over to a novice librarian. Anyanka shows him to the Restricted part of the library and steels the chance to look over a few things she’s been curious about too. Dragons namely.

The priesthood requests the book to go back to the synagogue and Anyanka must accompany the book to keep it safe. Whatever the first part of the conversation we don’t hear, but not after a servant comes out and leaves the door open. The priesthood is planning to exterminate the rest of the heroes and only Anyanka had save them, but will she?

Rook and Fin meet up with everyone else and eat breakfast while Anyanka rushes across town to meet them. She gets there just as they disappear into the tunnel. Chasing them in and warning them before they get jumped. Forewarned and well armed they battle the hire thugs, and win.

The episode ends as the group dashes to the end of the tunnel to meet the Stole-aways, Anyanka unhappily in tow.



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