The Chronicles of Mystvannar

Episode 6 - Bye Bye Assassin Guy

Episode 6 – Bye Bye Assassin Guy

Saith makes his way through the forest with a lot more ease than the group the days before. He finds them just as they are waking up and assists them in making the make-shift bridge larger. After a little difficulty they get (most) of the expensive lumber across. Find their way back to the train and head off to the location. On the second to last trip things get interesting. Healer and Rook talk Saith into casting a spell on the stone, and just like before it goes wrong. They shrink to half their size instead of the No Longer Tobin Stone reducing. After than little game they head back to the site of the wood, hoping they’ll grow back to their normal size.

In the middle of the night the dice finally turn against the way WAY too lucky group. A small starving man and a huge lumbering near invisible beast come to them in the night. He’s hungry but the group is only serving up Initiative. Things are tense with more than half the group now under three foot tall. Then things get worse when Rook fights face to face with the creature, and gets taken much like the hungry man did. He passes out and the monster takes off into the night. The group only giving up long into the night when the chase is hopeless.

The episode ends with Rook finding his way to the tracks, finding a heap of kiffles that Tobin left for him.

Episode 5 - Of Wood and Gem

Episode 5 – Of Wood and Gem

On their way through the forest to find Ellinium trees Saith and Fang stay behind. Tobin and Healer take turns leading through crew towards (mostly) the thickest part of the forest. They come across some more strange sites. A weird stick creature who pulls leaves from the trees. The other thing is the Tobin Stone. A purple rock that sat in the center of burned clear area of the forest. Our heroes decide it’s a good idea to cast spells into the stone and seemingly almost kill themselves doing it.

From the stone they finally find the thing they are looking for, Ellinium. Chopping it down proves more difficult than expected as weird “bird bugs” come pouring out and attacks them. They kill the swarms of weird creatures, and then finish chopping down the expensive tree.

Episode 4 - Money for Nothing

Episode 4 – Money for Nothing

They get back to Avinar and find a huge crowd waiting for them. The board above the tunnel light up with the symbol of the long “dead” Crow. After a tense few moments one of Fin’s old friend’s Fang comes up to break up the Yardmaster who seems intent on getting the train. Fang and Fin don’t seem like people who would be the best friends that Fang claims they were

Captain was not happy about the train being practically empty. It seems she put a lot of money into ensuring that the rights to the Crow go to her and nobody else. So the crew has to decide how to make money. Rook wandering around trying to find a way to easy “Duty Board” (hehehe doody). Eventually they decide on getting some wood and trading it for sheep, or coins. Traveling back out to the wilderness the first night they are jumped by some creepy looking cat like creatures. Healer almost getting killed when one comes out of nowhere and tackles her.

Episode 3 - Enter the Dragon

Episode 3 – Enter the Dragon

This is a dramatic run out from the city through the long plain that surrounds Avinar. With Tobin screaming giddily the entire time. The Stoleaways have a clever system of holding onto the side of the train, releasing themselves when a turn slows the train down. The walk to the Crow’s Grave might have been boring if not for the monsters, large lurking somethings in the trees. They avoid them, find the back hatch entrance to the caved in tunnel. Down inside it’s dark and dead silent. The group wanders and finds the train. Beautiful in an art deco style the engine in the shape of a crow.

Outside perhaps standing guard, is a golem of some kind. The heroes attack him, tear him apart and find a weird magical cylinder inside. Which Healer identifies as Avvinite in origin. After that they explore the train which is not as dirty as it should be. When they get to the cargo hold they find something horrible. They are all empty except for one lone container.

Healer and Saith explore the dark tunnels and find the graves of the passengers and crew. They are all laid out in a cordoned off area, like a cemetery. And there doesn’t seem to be much evidence of any violent deaths.

Back at the Aeon Crow Old Cane gets the engine running, and everyone meets back. They run the train down the silent tunnel till they get to the end. Where the “dragon’s” face is. They discover the creature is hollow, paper thin really, and just run the train out into the open sky.

Episode 2 - Whimpering Warning

Episode 2 – Whimpering Warning

We finally see Anyanka in action instead of the odd mundane tasks she was doing last episode. She is met in the Sunnydale Library by the head of the library and a priest (It’s not the beginning of a joke). It’s obvious he’s not a good priest by how he glowers at everything. And the eery fake smile he puts on his face. He’s asking about some books and Hush the Head Librarian seems glad to get rid of him, even if it’s over to a novice librarian. Anyanka shows him to the Restricted part of the library and steels the chance to look over a few things she’s been curious about too. Dragons namely.

The priesthood requests the book to go back to the synagogue and Anyanka must accompany the book to keep it safe. Whatever the first part of the conversation we don’t hear, but not after a servant comes out and leaves the door open. The priesthood is planning to exterminate the rest of the heroes and only Anyanka had save them, but will she?

Rook and Fin meet up with everyone else and eat breakfast while Anyanka rushes across town to meet them. She gets there just as they disappear into the tunnel. Chasing them in and warning them before they get jumped. Forewarned and well armed they battle the hire thugs, and win.

The episode ends as the group dashes to the end of the tunnel to meet the Stole-aways, Anyanka unhappily in tow.

The Episode Where it All Started

Pilot – The Episode Where it All Started

The episodes begins with a dramatic scene that has probably eaten up the special effects budget for the first half of the season. Somebody is falling from high up in the sky (we later learn it is Tobin “Cuss” Whistletrot) giving us a glorious view of the fantasy world we are about to live in for what we hope is ten or more seasons. Mostly forest but the massively imagined city of Avinar was breathtaking from top to bottom. Rails spread out from it like the veins of the world of Mystvannar. The architecture of the city is undoubtedly Swiss in origin, white plaster walls with wood support beams. Luckily whatever magic has brought Tobin to this world stops him just before hitting the ground.

Then we meet Rook a mysterious youth who gets his orders delivered to him from a magical coin that communicates the Shadow Lord’s intentions. Rook is to go find and protect somebody called Old Cane who he gets a basic image of (Old Cane is played by Gary Oldman) leather trench coat, gray hair, and of course the cane. From there he sets off searching for old man.

Next we switch to a quick peek at somebody, presumably Anayaki, reading a book.

Who appears in the next scene when he comes out of his house to see Tobin hanging from a catwalk above. Old Cane (Oldman) plays a good straight man to Tobin’s humorous rambling heavy introduction. Eventually the two come to an arrangement, and we get insight into Old Cane. Tobin will pay for drinks for “saving Tobin’s life” while Old Cane will bet on a sure thing.

From there we leave the city again coming in on Healer. She is a quiet character but her interest is piqued by the talk of a boy and a “baby monster” in one of the cargo holds. The armed former Outpost Evangelite makes her way through the red windowed train car, to put eyes on what turns out to be Saithamril and Rynn (pronounced Ren). For a brief moment we see the Force Ghost… err… sorry spirit of Harbinger (Healer’s former mentor and adopted parent of sorts) standing watch over Saith. That heavily inspires Healer to watch over the innocent and world naive Saith for the rest of the episode.

Anayaki flipping to the next page.

Fin is next, although it felt like he should have been introduced earlier. He’s waking up from the amazing tavern, The Meat Harbor. He grabs some breakfast and is told by a few people he has a meeting with the Captain. Captain, guarded by fifteen or twenty guards, and played by Ally Sheedy is incomparable. At once timid and intimidating. She gives Fin his familiar orders. Go find a gambler with a big debt, one named Old Cane.

Saith is introduced to the city of Avinar, and cities in general. He wanders around in adorable naivety buying candy and somehow avoiding getting ripped off. Here he finds a clue to his history, a figurine in the shape of a man with a hat exactly like his. Which he purchases from Lady Curio’s Curios.

A librarian dusting a forgotten shelf in the library.

Rook, Fin, Tobin, and Old Cane revolve around each other till eventually come together at Old Cane’s small house. Recovering the package that the Captain wants. What seems to be the key to the urban legend the Aeon Crow, a train lost some thirty years ago. They bring it back to Captain who low-balls Fin with a hundred gold to go OUTSIDE and recover the train for her.

The next day they go to the wizard’s tower to get a piece of infused Lyriam from a wizard named Candor. The episode ends with the group setting out to go to back to the Stoleaway’s city at the gates of Avinar, where they hired some guides to get them to the Crow’s Grave.


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